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ML-102 V8.0 USB Charger For 18650 / 26650 battery


Not working with protected cells.
New version with Micro-USB port


*Charging current is 500mA when connected to a computer USB port, unless the port is capable more than the regular 500mA

*Charging current is 850-900mA when it's connected through an adapter to the mains socket.

*This device is portable and can be carried with ease. Provided that the charger has a 18650 or 26650 battery in the cradle, it can charge devices that can be charged by an USB connection, like cellphones, MP3 players, GPS devices and so on.

*Charging termination 4.2V, accuracy +/-1%

*PC-ABS flame retardant material

*The output to other devices will cut-off at around 2.9-3V

*Output current to various devices: 1200mA

*Standby power consumption 120uA and 10uA for the blue light

*Low voltage protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection

*Reverse polarity protection.

*LED light description:

 Red light: Charging

 Green light: Charging done

 Dim Blue light: Ready to output to other devices. No Blue light means low voltage and it will not output to other devices.

 Intense Blue light: Charging other devices (For some Nokia cellphones the Blue LED will actually flash, it is normal)

 Green & Red light flashing: Charger inputting current but battery not making contact or battery not detected

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